What Is Monkeyboy Goes?

A good question! Though, I’m not quite sure I know the answer myself… and I created this thing.

It all started as a travel blog but as the site grew, I started writing about a wider range of stuff, and so now MbG is a magazine-blog of the various things floating around in my mind.

Welcome to Monkeyboy Goes. Hopefully it’s not shit.

Who is the Monkeyboy?


That’s me. Hi! My name is Ben Cowles. I’m a half brit, half yank, all Monkeyboy.

I’m a curious (both weird and inquisitive) person. People says I’m curious to the point of nosy, but I say journalists are inherently inquisitive.

Before I shake off this mortal monkey-coil and my atoms spread into the ether, I want to learn and experience as much as possible.

I spent nigh on a decade monkeying around in classrooms in South Korea and Japan, using my opposable thumbs to teach kids, university students, workers and everyone in between the mysterious ways and unfathomable intricacies of the English language, despite frequent confusion with it myself.

I’m currently working in London for the Morning Star, the world’s only English language socialist daily newspaper. Having wanted to work in journalism for years now, completed an MA in Journalism, War and International Human Rights and having become an adherent of Herman and Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent, I am thrilled to be working for a non-profit, cooperatively owned publication devoted to peace, socialism and the working class.

I am forever fascinated by:

Travel, Street Art, Books, Drunken debauchery, Great epiphanies, Cultures, Sex, Utter irrelevances, Procrastination, Photography, Human Rights, Video Games, People, The High-Minded, The Gutter, Cults, Languages, Alcohol, Music, and Fat Bastard Food!

Monkeyboy Goes is my virtual place to revel in them all.

I definitely do have a cynical side too and it comes out a lot in my writing.

Neoliberalism, advertising, nationalism, capitalism, racism, sexism, pointless jobs, climate change deniers, and religious self-righteousness piss me off immensely.

So fuck those things!

Anyways, that’s me. Who are you?

You can Tweet with me here: @Cowlesz

Peace & Love!