With so little time to do anything productive this month, you’d think I’d find something better to do with myself. I could have studied a language, planned my next trip around Asia, written an article, sponsored a dog, cooked a fantastic meal, exercised, or at least prepared for my day job.

Instead, I arsed around making this here pointless K-pop video… enjoy!




I stumbled onto this effervescent scene last summer whilst walking through a rammed subway station in Busan. The music was so unbearably loud that it penetrated the airtight space between my earphones. Full blown concerts are, for some reason, quite common in Busan’s subway stations and the music that emanate from them is usually unbearable (as it is here). I was about to walk on by, but thanks be to the Korean gods that I saw the men’s breathtakingly awkward dancing. It had to be captured!

Busan is rather photogenic actually


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