Monkey Tube: The Sushi Trail

sushi0Sometimes you’ve just got to be the horrible Gaijin, that some people think you are. I felt pretty cheeky placing my shitty little camera on the revolving thingamajig. But we’d been speaking about doing that for a few days, so when the situation presented itself, I knew what had to be done. As we waved goodbye to my camera, I did wondered whether I’d ever see her again. I hoped no one would be offended by our blatant disrespectful for the rules, but I thought, “fuck it, life’s too short not to,” and so threw caution to the divine wind. After all, losing the camera would make the perfect excuse to splash out on a new one!

I love the bemused, worried and smiley faces in this video. One woman in particular looks utterly horrified by our impertinence, while her kids will remember it for years.

I felt a little ashamed asking for my camera back afterwards. By drawing attention to myself, I had shattered Japanese etiquette. Actually, I felt much worse for our Japanese friend as she tried to offer up an explanation for my juvenility. 

Luckily the staff didn’t seem to be too bothered by my shenanigans, but I imagine they were happy when we left.

Next time, I’ll ask for permission.

Words, Video & Music: Ben Cowles

A communique from the Editor-in-Chimp: An apology is needed here! After posting on Facebook, my friend Tim complained that I failed to mention him. Well Tim! It was in fact you, who egged me on and gave me the courage to do what needed to be done. Thank you! 

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