Prease to Enjoy: Dysgrammatophilia

Lets Speaking Engrish

I don’t quite know why I enjoy bad English written on important looking signs so much. Perhaps it’s the awkward placement of the words, the total disregard of grammatical structures, or maybe I’m just a thoroughly immature wanker. Hmm. Well, anyways… Plastered all over this page are a few badly taken shots of the Engrish I’ve encountered over the years. Please to enjoy:


A disclaimer for the humourless: I know, I know. For a common denominator, Engrish ranks pretty low. And my Chinese, Korean, and Japanese are absolutely nonexistent. I’m no more able to nail up a sign, let alone write a compressible sentence in any language other than English (and if you’ve ever read the site, you might question that ability!). Nevertheless, I can’t help but crack a smile whenever I encounter some Engrish. They’re almost like a play on words. And it’s the words themselves that are the joke, and obviously, not the people that wrote them.  




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