How do you spell muslim?

Murdoch is a dick, but you probably knew that already. Check out this tweet:

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Each individual muslim, each and every single one of the billion muslims on this planet is personally responsible for the horrendous acts carried out by the few? Surely, anyone with a primary school level of education can see the utter piffle in this logic.

I’m English, so am I responsible for everything every English person ever does? When England loses a football match, is it my responsibility to educate the football hooligans not to smash up bars? When my government bombs the fuck out of an Afghan village and refers to the dead innocents as ‘Collateral Damage’, am I the one responsible? When BP spaffed up a load of oil in the Atlantic, was it every single British persons’ responsibility to get out there and start cleaning up the seas?

What about when some white dude in the US (and they generally are white, American men that do this) goes on the rampage and guns down innocent people at a school (or a shopping mall, or his place of work, or wherever) are we to blame every single American, all 300 million of them (even his victims) for such an attack?

Whenever these mass killings happen, does the media start asking whether all white / Christian / American men are to blame? Does Sky News, CNN, or even the BBC run a show asking if American doctrine is evil? No, of course not. When the killers look like “us”, they’re individual psychos. When they’re muslim (sorry, Murdoch, I mean moslem), then, wait a minute, aren’t all muslims the same?

And why did Murdoch misspell muslim? Remember Murdoch is an owner of a massive media empire and is likely to know how to spell Muslim. Spelling it in such a way indicates a derogatory attitude similar to someone writing negro, chinaman, queer, retard or and other out-dated racial / derogatory epithet.

Look, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other group that kills innocents are complete and utter bastards. But of course, you don’t need me to say that, but we should all look at the things our governments do that most of the media doesn’t cover. Check out Dirty Wars and tell me that the victims don’t have a grievance with the west…

To say that one race, religion, country, or whatever has more complete and utter bastards than whatever race, religion, country, or whatever you belong too is nonsense. There are horrible people doing horrible things all the time. But, you might say, the news is always full of muslims killing people. Well, that’s because in today’s media zeitgeist set up in the post-9/11 world, muslims are framed as the bad guys. It used to be the communists. In the future, it’ll be someone else.

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