UKHIP: Not Who You Think They Are

Recently as I was flicking through Facebook I saw that someone had shared a link to a UKIP story. Initially I thought that this was just some idiot sharing right-wing drivel, and so I was about to swipe it away in disgust when I noticed that it was Strike, an anarchist magazine I follow, that had posted it.

For anyone not in the know, the United Kingdom Independence Party are a deluded right-wing political party in the UK that believes the European Union is controlling the country and that immigrants, homosexuals and poor people are ruining Great Britain… Wankers basically.

Well, anyways; It turned the anarchist had not suddenly switched over to right-wing populism at all but were instead sharing the subversive advertising of an activist group calling themselves the United Kingdom Humanitarian Intervention Party,

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 08.03.27

Which one are you? (Image skanked from here)

After firing off a few emails, I trundled off down to London a few days later to meet a man without a phone, and found myself in a co-operative housing estate chatting with one of UKHIP’s founders: a writer, activist, adventurer and general-all-round chap, David Charles.


On a humanitarian mission to Calais sponsored by the Daily Mail. David Charles is the happy man in the middle. (Photo skanked from here)

A note from the Editor-in-Chimp: You should check out David Charles’ website. He might not be as old as Michael Palin nor as bald as Ross Kemp, but he is a bloody nice bloke

(Top image skanked from here)

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